The American Healthy Weight Goals support group


Welcome to AHWG. If you are willing to become more healthy by reaching a healthier BMI, you are in the right place. You will find all our resources, advices and tips on how to attain a healthy weight profile.

If you have any questions or suggestion, or wish to be involved in the movement, please contact us at or directly through our contact page.

Where should I start ?

That is a great question, before doing any changes in your dietary habits, please first consult your doctor, regarding wether or not you can do sport and change your eating habits.

Once this is done, think about how can you tend to reach your goal. Being more active, having a better diet ? If the problem comes from you diet, is it also important to understand why. Is stress the cause of it or simply bad habits ?

Our ressources

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We are not affiliated to the Adolescent Health Working Group based in San-Fransisco.

The Adolescent Health Working Group is a coalition of committed youth, adults, and representatives of public and private agencies whose mission is to significantly advance the health and well being of San Francisco’s youth.
They recognize that their mission can only be accomplished by utilizing the collective wisdom, resources, and energy of individuals and public and private agencies who love and support young people.

This used to be their website over these past few years, but it is not anymore. Please visit their new website (and not if you wish to follow up. By respect for their work, we will try keep available their resources on the same URLs so that the visitors coming from referral websites do not get pages not found.